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Say goodbye to manual SMSF auditing

EvolvWhite is a cutting edge SMSF audit software that allows SMSF auditors to improve efficiency, compliance and productivity. EvolvWhite is a custom-built SMSF auditing software which replaces manual audit processing with seamless automation while delivering a balance of consistency, quality, efficiency and proven time savings. Our unique ‘audit by exception’ approach directs the auditor’s focus on key areas of risk while keeping audit costs down.

With EvolvWhite you maintain full control of the audit process while your brand will always be attributed to the audits.

Business value

The EvolvWhite software enables you to maintain full control of the audit process and the ability to use your brand on your audits.

Business value

The EvolvWhite software enables you to maintain full control of the audit process and the ability to use your brand on your audits.

Why EvolvWhite?

Automation reduces risk

Consistent quality

Efficiency & time savings

Value for money

Built by auditors for auditors

Award winning

Business benefits of EvolvWhite

EvolvWhite is a totally automated software platform that has redefined the way SMSF audits are done. Substantially reducing risk, manual audit procedures are automated and auditors should now only review reports and investigate exceptions.

1. Reduce error

As we use consistent algorithms and technology we can remove human error and delivery certainty across all audits.

2. Quality compliance

We deliver industry-leading quality and compliance, minimising the risks that many Australian auditors face daily.

3. Increase efficiency

The automation of manual tasks improves efficiency and productivity, and empowers auditors to take on more challenging work.

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Features of EvolvWhite

Secure portal

Fully integrated and secured web portal with seamless transition from cloud-based accounting software. Send and receive notifications of queries and request audits. Also download or export their results, generate engagement or representation letters.

Workflow module

Create efficient workflows including automated email notifications and updates, fully filterable information and a broad range of export facilities. It’s ideal for managing your day-to-day workflow and enables you to have a real handle on your business.

Full data import

No more data gaps or incompatible files. EvolvWhite easily enables the import of members’ statements, realised capital gains, tax accounting reconciliations and investment summaries, income or movement in any format.

Full customisability

When you want your audits to be your own, EvolvWhite’s customisability features are here to help. Change anything you need in audit templates, workpapers and files, and adapt the final client report to your own brand or needs.

Calculation capability

EvolvWhite conducts a huge range of calculations required to complete an SMSF audit to the highest quality. These include: risk assessment, materiality, change in market value, pension, rental income yield, profit / loss allocation, and taxation.

Automated reporting

Storing, organising, recalling and reporting on financial information from any time in the last year necessitates a robust reporting framework. EvolvWhite can perform all these functions and more, reporting on workflow, outstanding queries and letters of completion.

Automated documentation

Minimise the amount of manual handling of paperwork you must complete. Automate validations, exception reports, document reports, ASIC information and even company or property title searches. Mark anything you need as a permanent file to ensure it stays right where you need it.

Comprehensive validations

Leave no stone unturned or calculation unchecked with EvolvWhite’s immense automation of validation processes. Account for financial reporting additions, year closing to year opening balances, values at close of market and cross-reference financial reports with just a few clicks.

Enhanced queries

EvolvWhite raises queries directly from audit procedures, can deliver prewritten standard queries and automate notifications around this delivery. With further automated hyperlinking between queries and the relevant elements of an SMSF audit, EvolvWhite creates easy access for the end user.

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By centralising all your SMSF audit needs in one software, you will be able to automate manual work, increase efficiency and increase productivity. Through embracing automation, you can improve your bottom line in so many ways, EvolvWhite is here to make that happen.

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