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When experience, value, and trusted relationships matter

Evolv provides the high quality SMSF audits that you and your clients expect, while saving you time and money

You receive consistent, efficient, best-in-class SMSF Auditing Services, while meeting your independence requirements. Our experienced team and proprietary custom-built software provide the high-quality audit assurance you and your clients require.

​Evolv. The heart of our audit service promise to you is exceptional SMSF audit solutions backed by outstanding customer support.


As audit-only specialists, we do not compete with you. In fact, we’re trusted by many large and small accountants and administrators across Australia.

Our absolute independence is your advantage in reducing conflict with your clients when resolving difficult audit issues, so you don’t compromise your relationship with them.


Experience matters in assessing audit risk. Our commercial audit approach is backed by our exposure over many years to a vast range of regulatory compliance issues. This results in a pain free, smoother audit process for you, and together with fewer audit queries makes your audit experience more enjoyable.


We understand the pricing pressure that you as accountants face. Being able to operate at scale allows us to deliver value-for-money audits to you.

We also offer complimentary access to our technical experts to provide practical and compliant resolution of audit issues.


Our innovative, structured audit approach is powered by our proprietary software to create thorough, consistent, high quality, compliant audits, fund after fund. We are passionate about raising the bar to delivering you a hassle-free audit experience.


Our unique risk-focused audit approach is driven by data and automation, offering you faster turnaround times, less manual information exchange, smoother processes, and fewer audit queries.


We value our relationship with you. Regular communication is a cornerstone in delivering unparalleled service to you. Our Australian-based client managers through to our directors are all deeply involved in partnering in your success.

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Evolv Black is the complete package. From start to finish, our SMSF auditing solution delivers world-class auditing to you and your clients with transparency, consistency and quality.

When your organisation needs to

  • Ensure auditing efficiency
  • Demonstrate independence
  • …Or simply get more value for money

The Evolv Super team is here to help you get started.

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