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Why Evolv:

Having redefined the way SMSF audits are performed, Evolv is uniquely positioned to be your trusted audit partner to support your business needs.
We value our relationship with our clients and provide unparalleled service.

We’re different. We work with you to understand your needs and offer a range of choices to support your business.

We partner with many of the most reputable accounting, audit firms and administrators in Australia.

We are independent, fully Australian owned and have won some of the industry’s most coveted awards, spanning many years.

Quality, efficiency and value-for-money are guaranteed. We help our clients reduce their risks and provide a consistent audit process every time.
Previously manual audit procedures are fully automated. Do less audit work and review more auto-generated reports on audit exceptions, anomalies and validation errors. Audit risk is substantially reduced. Complete SMSF audits in less than an hour. We automatically upload Class Super, BGL and Supermate data files into our software platform. Your data is secure and always accessible.

Clients may also seamlessly mix and match any of the services we provide.

Change the way you work. Trust us to solve your firm’s SMSF audit needs.

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Do the audit myself

Capitalise on our years of experience, which has enabled us to build true automation into the audit process.
SMSF software for exception-based auditing.
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Do the audit with me

Collaborate with our experienced team of auditors. As your audit partner, we provide a high-quality audit using our software and deliver comprehensive workpapers for you to review, signing off the audit report under your own brand.
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Do the audit for me

A full-service audit solution for when you need independence, high quality, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. We do the audit for you, removing the litigation risk of super fund audits from your business.
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