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Our Story

Starting his career as an auditor, then running his own accounting practice, Ron Phipps-Ellis realised just how many SMSF professionals were bogged down with inefficient manual processes costing them time and money.

His breadth of experience in the industry means he understands the needs of his fellow accountants and auditors. So, back in 2006, he set out to build an SMSF audit-only business focused on building process efficiency and raising quality standards.

The passion placed on success and value for money for Evolv’s customers, led the business to become an award-winning SMSF audit leader in Australia.

In 2012, this true believer in technology, together with his team, went a step further to deliver more value to customers and built an automated super audit platform.

Their work redefined SMSF audits into a data-centric digital reality, and along the way transformed the audit process.

As a result of Evolv’s independent, fully automated and expertly developed integrated SMSF software for auditing process, The SMSF Association of Auditors Association appointed Ron Phipps-Ellis as their Director in September 2021

Today, Evolv is recognised as a leading multi-solution SMSF audit service and software business in Australia, offering value and efficiency.

Ron Phipps-Ellis

B.Com, CA, JP
Founder & CEO

5 years award winner

Our Purpose

We believe in continuously innovating to deliver cost-effective, high value, high quality, SMSF audit solutions for our customers. We are relentless about revolutionising the way accountants and auditors work, so they have more time to grow their business.

Our Values

Sustaining trusted, long-term relationships with you is engrained in our values.


Relentless pursuit of automation and innovation


Right attitude, respect, commitment, responsibility


Working, teaching and building relationships – together


Open and honest


Consistent and commercial


Excellence, technical expertise

Our Board Members

Ron Phipps-Ellis

B.Com, CA, JP | Founder & CEO

A true believer in the power of technology, Ron has redefined the way superannuation audits are performed.

Recognised as a trusted leader in superannuation audits, he established Evolv Super in 2006.

David Smith

FCA | Chairman

Former President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (now Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand), and a Partner at accounting firm PKF (now BDO), David brings authority, insights and experience to the Evolv business.

Our Audit Directors

Carol Scholes-Robertson

CA | Director of Client Services

Carol leads our amazing team of auditors.

A Chartered Accountant in public practice and an audit specialist, with 30 years’ superannuation audit experience, she brings a commercial and common-sense approach to resolving audit issues.

Daria Galstyan

CA | Associate Director – Audit

Daria is known for creating dynamic teams that work together with clients to provide high-quality audits in timely and commercial manner.

Daria also participates in facilitating professional programs with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Our Management Team

Ron Phipps-Ellis

B.Com, CA, JP | Founder & CEO

Carol Scholes-Robertson

CA | Director of Client Services

Louise Astorgano

Head of Technology

Jane Walton

Finance and Operations Manager

Louise Hayman

HR Manager

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What some of our clients say about Evolv

The EvolvWhite platform has significantly reduced the time taken to prepare a SMSF Audit and has streamlined our SMSF workflow. The team are always friendly and approachable, they listen and try their best to solve any problem as quickly as possible. EvolvWhite is easy to use and maintain, we continue to find efficiencies within the platform.

Natasha Woodvine | Senior Auditor

Francis A Jones – EvolvWhite

Fast, professional and helpful. With over 200 funds under our administration using real time reporting, Evolv is an auditor who understands our business needs.

Alistair Aikman | Manager

Synstrat – Evolv Black

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