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Built by auditors for auditors, Evolv White is on the cutting edge of SMSF Audit technology.

When SMSF auditors need the very best efficiency, compliance and productivity, they need world-class auditing software. The team at Evolv Super has built Evolv White by listening to the needs of those in the industry, and delivering above and beyond their expectations.

Evolv White is SMSF auditing made an art form – and now its power can be in your hands.

Evolv White is a custom-built piece of SMSF auditing software, available right across Australia. It replaces manual processing in the audit process with seamless automation, delivering a balance of consistency, quality, efficiency and proven time savings.

You maintain full control of the audit process when using our software, and brand your SMSF audits using the Evolv White technology.

Business benefits of Evolv White

Cutting-edge SMSF auditing tools like Evolv White carries multiple core benefits for your business’ bottom line. You gain certainty and consistency across all audits, with the same algorithms and technology working on all audits – removing the chance of human error.

Our bespoke software, built by auditors themselves, also ensures top quality and compliance, minimising the risks that many Australian auditors face on a daily basis. The automation of manual tasks improves efficiency and productivity, which in turn means that Evolv White empowers auditors to take on more challenging, meaningful work than traditional data processing.

In short, Evolv White gives SMSF auditors more certainty and freedom than ever before.

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Features of Evolv White

Secure client/administrator portal

A fully integrated web portal delivers a clean-cut, impressive experience when using our SMSF audit software. Audit firms will love the seamless transition from cloud-based accounting platforms into Evolv’s technology.
Send and receive notifications of queries, request audits and download or export their results, generate engagement or representation letters. It’s an ease-of-access and amenable interface that makes auditing the simplest of tasks.

Workflow module

Evolv White’s financial technology establishes and executes a sound, efficient workflow for your SMSF audit requirements. This includes automated email notifications and updates, fully filterable information and a broad range of export facilities. It’s ideal for managing your day-to-day workflow and enables you to have a real handle on your business.

Full data import

The transfer of information from source to target systems is often complex, resulting in data gaps or incompatible files. Evolv White makes this process easy, able to import members statements, realised capital gains, tax accounting reconciliations and investment summaries, income or movement in any format.

Full customisability

When you want your audits to be your own, Evolv White’s customisability features are here to help. Change anything you need in audit templates, workpapers and files and adapt the end result to your own brand or needs.

Comprehensive calculation capability

Evolv White conducts a huge range of calculations required to complete an SMSF audit to the highest quality. These accounting calculators include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Materiality
  • Change in market value
  • Pension
  • Rental income yield
  • Profit / loss allocation
  • Taxation

When there is no room for error, you need certainty that your numbers will line up. That’s exactly what Evolv White delivers.

Automated reporting

The SMSF auditing industry faces an increasing amount of legislative action, making compliance the number one priority for many Australian operators. Having the ability to store, organise, recall and report on financial information from any time in the last year (or three if recent laws move ahead) necessitate the strongest of reporting frameworks.

Evolv White can perform all of these functions and more, reporting on workflow, outstanding queries and letters of completion.

Automated documentation

An SMSF audit will always contain a great deal of paperwork, but the best audit software can minimise the amount of manual handling you have to do. Evolv White can automate validations, exception reports, document reports, ASIC information and even company or property title searches. Mark anything you need as permanent file to ensure it stays right where you need it.

No more digging through records, and no more waiting on requests for information. Evolv White takes your least favourite tasks, and makes them happen in a flash.

Delivery in under an hour

In such a competitive environment, SMSF auditors need all the help they can get to deliver top quality, compliant audits in as little time as possible. Through the power of automation, Evolv White is capable of delivering audits in under an hour – giving you both heightened efficiency and the sharpest of competitive edges.

Comprehensive validations

Leave no stone unturned or calculation unchecked with Evolv White’s immense automation of validation processes. Account for financial reporting additions, year closing to year opening balances, values at close of market and cross-reference financial reports with just a few clicks.

Enhanced queries

Evolv White raises queries directly from audit procedures, can deliver prewritten standard queries and automate notifications around this delivery. With further automated hyperlinking between queries and the relevant elements of an SMSF audit, Evolv White creates an ease of access that would require tedious manual input without such software.

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What are you waiting for?

By centralising all your SMSF audit needs in one piece of cutting-edge software, we think we’ve designed the perfect complement to the modern SMSF auditor. From compliance to internal resource to stress, there are so many factors that can keep your office from performing to its best.

Through embracing automation, you can improve your bottom line in so many ways. You and your clients deserve the best – and Evolv White is here to make that happen.

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