How much audit evidence is enough?
It’s time this question came with an automated response. 


This webinar demonstrates how Evolv White’s unique ‘audit by exception’ approach can help direct focus on key areas of risk and keep audit costs down.

By detecting irregularities as an essential first step, the tab provides structure for a more efficient and complete audit, while reducing the amount of audit evidence required. 

The Webinar Covers:

  • How the new planning tab will save even more time with reduced testing
  • How to identify whether a fund is high, medium or low risk to allocate the appropriate auditor (senior or junior) to the fund
  • How it calculates the percentage of the fund that’s been verified
  • How to identify how much of the verification has been done manually versus automated
  • How to utilise the exceptions report, highlighting areas that require extra attention
  • New portal settings and what you need to prepare



Ron Phipps-Ellis
Founder & Director

Since 2005 Ron has been recognised as a trusted leader in super audits. He has redefined the way super audits are performed. Being a true believer in technology, with the team he developed Evolv’s fully automated integrated super audit platform which ensures a high quality, efficient and value for money super audit.

Louise Astorgano
Systems Support Manager

In her five years at Evolv, Louise has helped redefine how SMSF audits are completed by playing an integral role in the development of the EvolvWhite software and ensuring our clients get the best out of the software through proactive management of the Software Support Team.