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Evolv Grey is a totally new approach to SMSF services. Blending world-class software with trusted expertise, we partner with your business to deliver top quality SMSF auditing.

Take the pain out of your auditing, increase your revenue and build lasting client relationships with the Evolv Grey revolution.

Evolv Grey is a resourcing solution for your SMSF audits. We partner with your business to deliver audits of the highest quality, courtesy of our cutting-edge software and our award-winning team. Beyond the initial outsourcing of your audit, you have total control over work delivery.

Branding, pricing, responsibility and credit all belong to your business. With Evolv Grey, we take the labour-intensive aspects of auditing out of your hands and deliver you a near-finished product that will impress any client and create new revenue streams for your business.

How does Evolv Grey work?

Evolv Grey is the perfect audit solution for businesses that want control over the final product they deliver to clients but have resourcing issues or need to streamline the manual labour involved in producing said work. It improves your business through five key steps.

Hand over your work

The first step in the Evolv Grey partnership is identifying your current workload that is ripe for streamlining and get in touch with our team.
We will discuss the steps involved in uploading your jobs ready for our team to work their magic! Remove your resourcing headaches and let our team provide manpower and expertise, working with your business as though they are part of your own team.

Process the audits

Evolv Grey utilises our cutting-edge Evolv White auditing software, which delivers compliant, top quality audits. By automating documentation, administration services, reporting, validations, queries and annotations, our technology enables us to manage your caseload without the resource strain it can cause your business.
You don’t need to purchase the software, and you don’t need to learn how to operate it. As your trusted partner, we will take on your workload and deliver the audits your clients need through the power of automation, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business

Review the work

Our partnership model goes two ways, and you have the final say in any audit before it goes to a client. When our work on your audits are complete, you can review the work, request changes, ensure everything is compliant and give your seal of approval.

Apply your touch

As a SMSF audit resourcing service, Evolv Grey gives you the freedom to deliver services to clients exactly as you please, the final product is yours to customise as your own. This includes:

  • Design, formatting and branding of your own documents.
  • Delivery to clients.
  • Final sign-off.
  • Responsibility for compliance obligations.

Think of Evolv Super as your silent partner. You get to leverage our state-of-the-art technology and expertise and free up time in your employee base, enabling you to have the final say and sign off.

Reap the rewards

With the assurance of our world-class technology, you can refocus your business on what you really want to do. Take manual processing out of the equation and let us, your trusted partner, share the load. This allows you to foster stronger client relationships, open new revenue streams through audit delivery and transform your business into a more people-focused enterprise.

Benefits of Evolv Grey for your business

In the crowded SMSF investment sector, managing your resources is everything. From how staff spend their time to how you handle cashflow, it can be difficult not to succumb to resource strain. No more.

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Features of Evolv Grey

Modern technology, at your service

Evolv White is built by auditors, for auditors. That means every single aspect of our software works to streamline existing processes, ensure the utmost compliance and deliver audits that satisfy every single client need.
With regular updates and maintenance from our trusted experts, you can rest assured that world-class technology is working overtime to deliver your audits.

Minimise your expenditure

Rather than purchase technology outright from your capex, Evolv Grey’s partnership model means you can manage costs on a longer recurring basis, improving business cashflow and paying only for the work you need. Leverage our expertise to turn your audit expense into a profit-making revenue stream.

Control over the end product

From liability to branding, many businesses want to have the final word in delivering their products and services to clients. Evolv Grey is a back office SMSF auditing partnership, meaning you get a high quality product that can be branded and adopted as your own before delivery to clients.

Trusted expertise

At Evolv Super, we live and breathe SMSF audits. From designing Evolv White’s audit software to taking on full responsibility for products under our Evolv Black banner, we can deliver the full spectrum of SMSF services as your organisation needs them.
That means when you join us in partnership under Evolv Grey, you get years of expertise by your side. From initial meeting to final compliance checks, we’re on hand to help you deliver the best.

Transform your business

By taking the manual processing off your hands, Evolv Grey frees up your staff to focus on more enriching work. Be it more judgment calls on audits or face time with clients, our partnership model has the capacity to change your company structure for the better.
Think about what your staff would do if they weren’t tied up auditing super funds. With Evolv Grey, that can become a reality.

Build your client base

If your business is outsourcing existing SMSF audits, that freedom can go a long way to client retention. Improved face time or contact protocols helps foster stronger relationships, while top quality audits ensure satisfaction with the end product.

New revenue streams

Evolv Grey’s partnership model opens up new revenue streams, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other profit-making activities. We turn SMSF audits from a cost to a profit centre. A partnership with us is a win-win for your business.

Go deeper into Evolv Grey

SMSF audits done right.

Evolv Grey is a tried and tested partnership model that frees up space in your business, automates key tasks and utilises our award-winning team to delivers top quality SMSF auditing that you can create a revenue stream for your business. It’s a best of both worlds approach that has already benefited countless Australian business – and now it’s your turn.

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