Evolv’s view on the 2018 Budget – SMSF Audit Cycle

LET'S TAKE ACTION TOGETHER The recent 2018 Federal Budget announcements interestingly included a section on triennial SMSF audits. From 1 July 2019, SMSFs with a history of ‘good record-keeping and compliance’ will only need to have their financial statements audited every 3 years. The smsf industry is a $900B sector that [...]

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Now Hiring

If you are looking to create or further your career in the SMSF audit industry then the opportunity to work with industry leaders should make Evolv your employer of choice. Look at our job posting for a new Senior SMSF Audit and apply today! Click here to apply today>>

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What’s ahead of SMSFs?

Recently, the ATO published a speech delivered by the ATO Deputy Commissioner Superannuation, James O’Halloran, in an address to the CPA SMSF conference. The Deputy Commissioner discussed the Superannuation reforms and noted particular interest from the general public in relation to the proposed $500,000 lifetime cap for non-concessional contributions and the [...]

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ATO cracking down on ‘reciprocal audits’

Early in August, the ATO Assistant Commissioner Kasey Macfarlane again raised the issue of auditor independence. In particular the issue of reciprocal auditors - the situation where 2 auditors with their own funds agreed to audit each other’s SMSFs, or where 2 partner firms have ‘Chinese walls’. In our opinion, this [...]

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Financial decisions and ageing – be super prepared

Given our superannuation becomes increasingly valuable as we grow older, shouldn’t we consider how to ensure it is managed in our best interests sooner, rather than maybe before it’s too late? Arthur Favos, Head of Superannuation at Evolv, joins the conversation in the sensitive issue regarding ageing and our ability to [...]

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