Our Evolution

Evolv’s history stretches back to 2006 as a specialist SMSF audit company that would form the basis for what was to come. In 2012 Evolv was born, a company determined to become the most revolutionary SMSF audit company in the country. Now performing nearly 10,000 audits a year, Evolv has built its reputation on the strength of its technological innovation, quality, efficiency and value.

Evolv’s passionate team boasts some of the most experienced auditors in the country and our unique set of offerings mean that we can deliver audits that are value-adds to your business.

Our Senior Team

For all its breakthrough technology and superior service, we believe Evolv can only be as good as the people behind the company. Meet some of our core team.

Ron Phipps-Ellis, Super Audits redefined

Ron Phipps-Ellis

B.Com, CA, JP

Managing Director


Since 2005 Ron has been recognised as a trusted leader in super audits. He has redefined the way super audits are performed. Being a true believer in technology, he and the Director of Operations developed Evolv’s fully automated integrated super audit platform which ensures a high quality, efficient and value for money super audit. His previous career in audit, accounting and tax has facilitated his understanding of the needs of his fellow accountants, administrators and financial planners and through his extensive experience in the superannuation industry, he is responsible for directing Evolv to be one of the leading SMSF audit businesses in Australia.

He is an ASIC registered company auditor (#17757), ASIC registered SMSF auditor (#1000 14042), a member of the ICAA Super committee, as well as a JP.


Dana Kinghorn, Evolv Super

Dana Kinghorn

Director of IT


Dana has over 12 years’ experience in the superannuation industry. In addition to her role as Director of Operations, Dana brings to Evolv a passion for utilising technology within the SMSF audit industry. Her combined extensive experience of superannuation, business and technology led her to jointly develop Evolv’s fully automated integrated super audit platform..

Arthur Favos, SMSF Auditor

Arthur Favos


Director of Superannuation


Arthur is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in public practice. He has been involved with self-managed superannuation funds since 1989 and has extensive experience in dealing with the technical and compliance aspects of superannuation. He sees the auditor as an important member of a partnership with the fund accountant ensuring the client receives service and superannuation advice of the highest quality.